AMP- Golden ticket to the Advertisers and Marketers of today!

Introduction to AMP HTML BY GOOGLE

As one can imagine, the internet is a funny place and a very challenging one if one wants it to be! It is astonishing how the internet changes every day, every month and every year. The practices which are happening today and are proved to be rather successful could very well be talk of the past next year, completely extinct! Like many practices online, one such practice is in the field of search! Let’s not discuss the authority on which search engine makes the rules and why etcetera, etcetera, since we all know and are quite comfortable with it, Google of course! So, Google towards the starting of  2016, began another great innovative search tactic called AMP(accelerated mobile pages), the reasons for it are kinda of getting around now in 2017, as many industry experts are familiar with the term, but it wasn’t the case a year back when many didn’t know that’s where again Google had the task of educating people, which it did of course! In lay mans terms, as the term suggests, it refers to all the pages on the mobile-web which have the capability to download faster than the other non-AMP pages due to the change in its mechanics, here the operative word is mobile!

Current Online Habits

As the world is shifting towards a more mobile-centric world, so are the traditional business practices, from the traditional surfing the web on their laptops and their fixed desktops to now mobile, hence the centre of attention has become the mobile instruments. Today the market needs to give mobile all the attention since this is where the end consumers are spending most of their time searching, surfing or just chatting with their peers, family or friends!

example of a site link with AMP magnified


It is safe to say that the AMP project by Google is certainly one for the future, where it solves the exact need of the end consumers, where they are present instead of other- way around. AMP is simply the stripped down version of the mobile web with the language used in the web pages called HTML- now called HTML AMP, works on the open source and downloads 15%-85% faster compared to the non-amp mobile pages. It is able to do so because of getting rid of any third-party scripts, which makes the pages heavier initially, thus taking time in downloading. The AMP version is free of all that, and Google had made sure of the same with all the advertisers who are on the platform today. It is also said according to Kissmetrics that an ideal user gets rid of the page which takes more than 3 seconds to download, hence this is where the AMP platform will work wonders!

picture of the amp feature on the mobile devices



What it means for the Advertisers, Marketers?

As for the AMP site, although Google has the authority like mentioned earlier in the blog, I for one, certainly believe that this is done for the better of the advertising and marketing world out there! In order to cut the clutter where the advertisers will never stop advertising, and the number of markets will keep growing, this new feature by Google will certainly separate the true marketers and advertisers from the rest, in the sense that since in the end, it does serve the end consumers, but the advertisers and marketers have to do the homework, fix their mobile pages in order to integrate this unique feature, it’s left with all of us, digital marketing enthusiasts, evangelists to see, which are the bunch of marketers or advertisers who truly adopt this change and how fast do they do that, the faster the better, I say? Did I forget something, oh yeah! Google too recognises the effort of one with the AMP feature and ranks it higher in its SERPs, hence do I need to say any more? Also if one brand actually thinks about it, the AMP would also solve a great problem and add an advantage to it. Why is a business in the business, to sell something or the other, but eventually for one primordial reason, to make $$$$ hence how does one do that online? That should start with people searching for them, going onto their website and making conversions, hence $$$$. The AMP would eventually increase the speed of the pages downloaded which would result in more page views, hence more ad views, hence significantly increasing the probability of conversions!