What’s my story?

Having successfully completed my undergrad from down under a few years ago or rather more a few years ago..forgetting how many years is that precisely..you could probably take a good guess! After a lot of thought which ran for another few months, I did take a journey in the Himalayas in India, Kangra Valley, beautifully surrounded by the mountains on one side, least polluted, honestly not as much as the cities that’s for sure. I did have a goal in mind, that was to explore the part of the country where my childhood was somehow connected. Long story short, hit the road for a few months, exploring, chatting up the locals, enjoying the time off from the city, started taking notes, clicked heaps of pictures, all of which eventually culminated into a beautiful coffee table book titled, My Spiritual Journey, Kangra Valley!

Fast-forward to my stint at a start-up in New Delhi for less than 2 years as a social media executive, connecting with a great bunch of people, most of whom, I still call friends, did a lot of good work, and grew my knowledge in technology and people.

Fast-forward to my current status, successfully completing my Masters in Integrated Marketing from NYU this summer of 2017 post which I plan to be in the same field working with brands under the digital marketing ethos and people!

Change in professional status- learning the sales side of things at a great office downtown NYC, connected to a giant tree and being one of the off-shoots, learning the hard sales side of businesses, becoming a sales jedi (pun-intended), slow and steady, goal’s to incorporate the current sales experience with the digital marketing aspect of things on a digital platform in the coming years..

Always looking for ideas? Anyone got some?

Always eager to learn!